To love what you do and know that it matters, how could challenges be more fun? - Confucious

A Brief

The logical problem behind any limitless growth is the ability from within to organize problems, sort out issues by precedence, and filter a vast knowledge base to a sub set of optimal solutions. At, our methodological agile approach to vexing complexity, repetitve processes, and cumbersome problems get optimized and automated to help route your focus to the customer where it belongs.

The Office

One room, one computer, one scientist, and a world of inspiration, ideas, and answers at the end of the inqurinig mind's finger tips. Various resources and blogs in sight, keep the eyes open exercerising the mind day and night.

What about the site?

A journal, collection of projects, and a cirriculum vitae.

The Journal

A collection of programming and developing experiences insiteful for inquiring minds. The goal is to bring to light the complexity behind the programs, and get away from the simple problem/solution scenarios introduced by tutorials.

The Projects

An collection works in progress and archive of programs that demonstrate basic complexity behind console applications to dynamic Windows Forms and finishing off with the fluidity behind WPF forms.

The Cirriculum Vitae

The information accummulated over the years of experience and knowledge that shine through day to day challenges and tasks.